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It's coming! Parents can enjoy a night out on February 11, from 4-8pm.  Let us spend time with your kids, while you spend quality time with each other. Register here.

Connect. Surrender. Serve.


We extend a warm welcome to everyone. We are a true reflection of our community. We offer a welcome to those over 60 who have not yet grown up, those who may be divorced, step parenting or juggling life as a single parent. We love the energy of enthusiastic children, excited toddlers and the "joyful noise(?!)" of wailing babies.


Tattoos? Piercings? Teens who are growing up to fast? Some of us have all those things too! We have a place for you in our family. We welcome those with heavy hearts who could just use prayer. It's okay if you aren't familiar with Jesus or question God's existence.


There are those, in our faith family, who empathize with and welcome those who had religion shoved down their throats as kids. We get it. We welcome you if you are feeling down or don’t like organized religion (we don't love it either). If you are doubting or just confused, we have a seat for you.

Our faith family warmly welcomes those who got lost on the way to the covered bridges and ended up at New Bridge by mistake! It doesn’t matter why you visit us. We hope you'll give us a "test drive." You could choose to do anything  with your Sunday morning, but if God "nudges you" toward New Bridge, we'll just be really glad to see you!

Fight Club