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Whose brand do you ride for?

Growing up I loved watching old western television shows. Many black and white episodes brought color to society with notions of right and wrong, helping one another and doing what was needed even if you stood alone. To be a cowhand for a local rancher the workers would ride for his brand. He did whatever it took to protect the cattle from rustlers to predators. At moments, a ranch hand would need to "stand tall" and do what was right even when others ran-off. To ride for the brand was to know you were entrusted to do what was right.

As followers of Christ, we too ride for the brand. We are bought and paid for with a price, that is thedeath and resurrection of the Messiah. His brand is many: a manger, empty cross, and an empty tomb. We wear it humbly, reminded daily that we are His and we are called to protect the heard against the evil one and a world of danger. The way to ride for the brand, is to surrender one's life to Christ as Lord and Savior. You are marked with the Holy Spirit as you learn to ranch hand for the Savior. As time goes on we learn to stand tall even when no one else is present; for we are reminded He is always present and goes before us. Without His mark we are like a individual calf on an open plain easily overtaken by predators or the elements. The question I have for you is this, what brand will you take?

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