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Reverse Giving and God Sightings...

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

At New Bridge God has moved on a couple to give to outreach in a unique way. So after a message of being led by the Hoy Ghost our church had a reverse tithe. We handed money out to our faith family to give out to others in need. We will be looking for God sightings and Him desiring us to meet a need and share the love of God. I can't wait to hear stories of what God is about to do.... Our God gives so we give as well.


God Is Real & Present and We See Him At Work

Skip was at work at John Wayne museum when he encountered a former soldier from North Carolina who had come in to purchase a ticket for the museum. Skip told him to put his credit card away and paid his entrance fee for the museum with his tithe.

Lisa put her reverse tithe to work to bring joy to a deployed soldier. She added her own money to the reverse tithe funds and filled a stocking for a soldier who is overseas during Christmas.

Jen brought tears to the eyes of her server at a local restaurant. The young man had waited on her on many occasions. He was shocked to receive a generous tip on a diet coke. She informed him that someone blessed her with the money, so she wanted to, in turn, bless him. He was grateful and on the way out, the owner of the restaurant thanked her for giving back to her employee.

Claudia blessed a server at a local restaurant who was working hard for tips. Claudia let her know it was a gift from New Bridge and the server was so thankful for Claudia's kindness.

Dianna heard that there were children at local schools whose families couldn't afford to keep enough money in their lunch accounts so they can eat hot lunches. She added to the reverse tithe money and contacted the school. They added money to several kid's accounts so they could eat hot lunches.

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