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Outward Vision vs. inward comfort

The longer a church has been around the more it will naturally draw inward and seek to be comfortable by meeting its internal needs. We live a nation that promotes comfort and ease but the message of Christ was to "go". We are also reminded God doesn't care much about our comfort but our character. Jesus never intended for His church to be inward looking. His desire of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment creates a faith community that will naturally meet community needs and share God's love.

It is not about big flashy events per se, it is more about doing life with others and demonstrating God cares and loves everyone. We must fight the urge to meet our needs

and those who are outside of a love relationship with God. Jesus wants to be in relationship with all and doesn't want anyone to perish without knowing and loving Him back. Even when we deny Him or are an enemy to Him, He still seeks us through His local church. It is my prayer our church looks to the future with the perspective of God and not our own human vision.

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