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Going deeper

Have you ever heard a sermon or message and you were left with a few more questions? Most of us can think of a time where that was true. As a pastor, it is hard to take all the information, history, cultural aspects, and other truths and prepare a half-hour message. Each week, I feel like I have not done it justice, after all we are talking about God's Word hear simmered down to a few minutes.

Let your heart not be troubled! Each Sunday morning at 9am we are going deeper into all the aspects that surround each sermon. This is where we can wrestle with the text, ask questions, and do life together with a donut or coffee in a relaxed sitting. It is fun to dig into the history or the sights and sounds of the message. In this life group you get to pull back the curtains and see what is going on

behind the scenes. You get to go deeper.

I invite you to come hang with us, do life together and grow in your own faith walk. The going deeper class is across from the fellowship hall. Bring your questions, your confusion and let's learn together.

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