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God’s Will and Decision Making

One source of contention in relationships is our human selfishness and having differing views upon a certain decision to make or action to take. The sin does not arise in differences but in our reaction to them. Arguing is not sin either, but how we resolve differences is critical. Having said all of this, decision-making is always best when it is based upon the will of God and utilizing His omniscience.

The will’s of God:

Directive will—this is God’s specific, absolute, unchangeable, unconditional

directions for every person to follow

Permissive will—this is God’s will or what He allows to happen, that is He has

given us directions but He permits os to choose to follow or not.

It’s a process and will involve waiting which is hard for us to do

It is easier to see God in the rearview mirror than it is our windshield

God is always more interested in a relationship than He is our comfort

It is important to keep emotions out of the process and lean in on faith

How to know God’s Will:

God will always speak through His Word and prayer primarily and sometimes through other people

It is very important to look back and remember God’s provision in the past

God does have a plan and will reveal it

God has secret things that are never revealed to us which deal more with things

like the spiritual realm, etc

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