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Co-opted by comfort...

We have been camping in a current message series called "Identity Theft." Each week we look at another aspect of our faith walk that is often attacked or robbed by the world and the evil one. Sometimes we are robbed by our reflection, worked over by worry, or manhandled by money. The kingdom in which we operate, seems so much more real, than the one we belong to after we leave here and go be with Jesus.

This week we are going to look at a very subtle thing that robs us of who we are in Jesus. The Bible tells us that when we remain comfortable, we only experience a fraction of the incredible possibilities and growth God has in store for us. This week we will see we will never have a sense of deep spiritual satisfaction unless we are immersed in God's plans for our lives. So, if we are capable of handling anything in our life is it possible we are missing out on the great things God has for us? For the great things the Lord has for us are often uncomfortable and make us feel vulnerable because His plans are God-sized. Sometimes, just sometimes, it is better to feel weak and under-equipped than confident. God cares more about our character than our comfort, which can be a scary biblical truth for us all. The key to being close to Christ is to follow where He leads even when we might suffer or feel uncomfortable.

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