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Appetites and Eternity

We just finished a message series called "Appetites" and if you didn't hear any of them or missed one I would encourage you to check it out on our website. If we don't control our appetites in life, someone else will. We live in a world where there is an endless buffet of life choices and opportunities in which to partake.

The Apostle Paul summarized it well, things maybe permissible in life, but not everything is beneficial. As followers of Christ, our appetite should be for the banquet of Christ in heaven and not for the worthless and fleeting bites of this wilderness. It is easy to get caught up with things in this life and overlook the next. Think of it this way, Jesus has been preparing a banquet and a room for us in heaven for the past 2,000 years, nothing here on earth can compare. Live for the next life and in the meantime share the next with others.

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